Interview with L. A. Samy and Christina Samy of AREDS and SWATE – InMotion Magazine

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Children, Dalits, Farmers, Informal Workers, Women

A. Samy. is the director of AREDS (Association of Rural Education and Development Service) in the Tamil Nadu state of India. Christina Samy is the program coordinator of AREDS and works with SWATE (Society of Women in Action for Total Empowerment). This interview was conducted on September 7, 2003 (and later edited) by Nic Paget-Clarke for In Motion Magazine in Renganathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

 Below topics are covered in this extensive interview. Follow the link below.

  • Not taking reality as fate
  • Development and education – Paolo Friere
  • Sangams — discussing everything possible in life
  • People’s governance — Panchayats
  • Focus on Dalits, women, children
  • Health is the responsibility of the people
  • Three levels of growth
  • From AREDS to SWATE
  • A different language altogether
  • They are women with power
  • Walking from one village to the other
  • The rights of women
  • The government’s policy on alcoholism
  • Women’s Movement Against Poverty and Violence
  • From just one village
  • A culture of involvement
  • A faceless colonialization
  • The impact of privatization
  • SWATE has an explicit self
  • Participatory cultural forms
  • AREDS Children Theater School
  • Playback Theater