Exposure visit to FPO in Pudukkottai

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Farmer Articles, Farmer Projects, Farmers

Forty-eight members including the board of directors from four FPOs (Sengathir Uzhavar Producer Company, Navathaniyangal Farmer Producer Company, Gramiya Uravugal Farmer Producer Company and Karur Sheep and Goat Promoters’ Producer Company) and AREDS staff went on an exposure visit to Pudukkottai Organic Farmer Producer Company Ltd. Pudukkottai on the 17th of December 2022.

Mr. Aadappan, who is one of the directors of the company, shared the story of the Pudukkottai Organic Farmer Producer Company:

The company was not promoted by NABARD.

  • It was formed by the farmers themselves who were interested in promoting organic farming.
  • Once we farmers had produced a large quantity of paddy and we found it difficult to sell it on the market.
  • In the midst of difficulties, we together determined to add value to the produce and sell rice on the market, instead of selling raw paddy.
  • Then, we involved in value addition with the guidance of ROSE, an NGO.
  • Presently, we produce and sell murukku, athirasam and mixture (traditional snacks) that have nutritive values, out of rice and different millets.
  • We extract sesame oil and groundnut oil.
  • We sell red gram, de-husked black gram and edible oil.
  • We have been supplying the value added articles to 9 states.
  • Presently, there are 1155 members in the company.