Demonstration of Dalit Rights Awareness Liberation Movement

by | May 4, 2023 | Dalit Events, Dalits

By way of celebrating the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkhar, DRALM (Dalit Rights Awareness Liberation Movement) organized a demonstration in front of Head Post office, Karur.  The mainobjective of the demonstration is to claim the rights of sanitary workers. About 75 DRALM activists participated in the demonstration. The district secretary of DRALM Mr. Karikalan presided over the demonstration and various representatives from progressive political parties and people’s movements also participated and spoke, giving emphasis to fulfilling the genuine demands of the sanitary workers. 


 Statue of Dr. Anbedkhar must be erected at the important junction in Karur city.

  • The minimum salary of sanitary workers is raised from Rs.3600 to Rs.5000 per month in the budget of the financial year 2023-2024. However, it is not enough to lead adignified life. Therefore, minimum salary per month must be raised to Rs.20000.
  • The monthly salary of the sanitary workers, who work on contract basis in panchayats, also must be Rs.20000.
  • Tamil Nadu government has not yet distributed incentives for the sanitary workers who worked at the frontline during corona pandemic. Therefore, the government should distribute the incentives due to the sanitary workers immediately.
  • The entire fund from the Special Component Plan must be spent so as to help dalit people get house site pattas and fertile land for cultivation.
  • ESI coverage and Occupational Safety and Health must be ensured to all sanitary workers.
  • The offenders who dumped human shit into the drinking water tank meant for Dalit people’s usage in Vengaivayal village in Pudukkoottai district must be prosecuted under SC/ST Atrocity (prevention) Act.
  • Earn leave, maternity benefits, Provident Fund and other social security measures must be ensured to sanitary workers.
  • TADHCO and sanitary Workers Welfare Board must issue ID cards at once the workers have enrolled their names in. Financial assistance also must be disbursed immediately against the sanitary workers’ applications.
  • Salary to the sanitary workers must be disbursed within the 5th of each month in all panchayats.