Training on Formation of Nursery and Management

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Farmer Events, Farmer Projects, Farmers

Nursery is a place where plants are grown for transplanting, for use as stock for budding and grafting or for sale. Commercial nurseries produce and distribute different types of plants, trees, shrubs and crops. While most nursery-grown plants are ornamental plants, fruit plants and certain perennial vegetables used in home gardens.  Some nurseries are kept for the propagation of native plants for ecological restoration. 

Plants are commonly cultivated from seed or from cuttings and are often grown in pots or other temporary containers. Nurseries help to keep uniformity among plants.  It helps to get good quality seeds and saplings which ultimately results in good qualitative and quantitative horticulture produce and sustainable income generation.  Horticulture has a significant role in human nutrition.

It plays a prime role in wealth generation and socio- economic status of the farmers. Most of the horticultural crops are propagated vegetatively for which nursery units are necessary.

Association of Rural Education and Development Service orgainsed a three day practical  training program on ‘Formation of Nursery and Management’ from 21-23, August 2023 at ICAR – Krishi Vigyan Kendra facility, Puzhutheri, Karur District. A total of 29 participants (farmers), belongs to Karur Navathaniyangal FPO, with different agricultural backgrounds participated. AREDS staff – Project Coordinator Mr. Senthil Kumar and Animators Mr. Parthiban, Ms. Ilavarasi and Ms. Anthoniyammal facilitated the whole programme.

KVK’s horticultural specialist Mr. Kaviyarasu, the trainer, gave detailed theoretical knowledge and practical training to the participants on nursery formation and management. Major focus was given to fruit plant saplings like Mango, Sapotta, Orange, Pine apple, Lemon, Papaya, Guva, Banana etc.    Participants actively interacted with him and shared their interests and ongoing horticulture activities. Based on their needs and concerns he gave ideas and remedies.

Important topics and practical trainings covered:

  1. Importance of Nursery.
  2. Financial scope of Nursery in comparison with other crops and agro activities.
  3. Land selection for Nursery.
  4. Mother plants and seed selection for Nursery.
  5. Tools and other materials required for Nursery.
  6. Different types of Plant Propagation.
  • Sexual and Asexual Plant Propagation
  • Micro propagation of plants
  • Vegetative Propagation
  1. Budding, Layering and Grafting in Horticultural Plants
  2. Plant Nutrients and Plant Protections in Nursery
  3. Government subsidies for Nursery formation.

At the end of the training program most of the participants bought different types of fruit plant saplings and seeds from KVK’s nursery to grow their own nursery.