Training on Value addition of Agricultural Produce – Thennilai

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Farmer Events, Farmers, Women, Women Events

A value-added product is a saleable commodity that has been enhanced with additional qualities that make it worth a higher price than the raw materials used to make it. It may be made more convenient, more attractive, more palatable, or easier to use than its raw ingredients. Value-added agriculture produce generally focuses on production or manufacturing processes, marketing or services that increase the value of primary agricultural produces. Value addition is a worthwhile investment because it generates higher return; allow penetration of a new, potentially high value market to the farmers.

AREDS organization conducted a three day training programme, from Aug 31 to Sep 2, 2023, on Value addition of agricultural products to Karur sheep and goat FPO’s farmers at Thennilai, Karur District. Total of 29 farmers participated in it. Organic food production trainer Ms. Nirmala gave the training to the farmers.

Practical training on making healthy organic snacks from millets was given to the participants.

Snack items covered:

  1. Peanut Burfi
  2. Kodo and Little millet Savoury (Varagu, Saamai rice murukku)
  3. Sweet balls from Kodo, little and Sesame Seed millets ( Laddu)
  4. Milk pudding/ halwa (Palkova)

All the above edibles were made with organically produced oil, jaggery, millets and nuts without using any artificial colors and preservatives. The Trainer delivered detailed knowledge on preparation, preservation/ storage and marketing ideas to the participants.

This event was headed by Mr. Natarajan, one of the directors of Karur sheep and goat FPO and Ms. Ramya, CEO of the FPO.  Project coordinator Ms. Bakiyam and AREDS staff Mr. Parthiban and Mr. Rajadurai facilitated the training.