Training on Value Addition of Agricultural Produce – Gandhigram

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Farmer Events, Farmers, Women, Women Events

Value added is the extra value created over and above the original value of something. It can apply to products, services, companies, management, and other areas of business. In other words, it is an enhancement made by a company/individual to a product or service before offering it for sale to the end customer.

Value addition in agriculture produce has increased the opportunities for employment, financial stability and opportunities for small farmers, individuals and enterprises.

The major objectives of AREDS organisation is to organize need based and skill oriented training programmes for practicing farmers, individuals and farm women by the principle of ‘Learning by doing’. AREDS organized a three day training programme on ‘Value addition of agricultural produce’ from 1st – 3rd  September, 2023 at Gandhigram, Karur District. 27 Farmers from Krishnarayapuram Gramiya Uraugal participated and benefited from this training.

Mr. Rajendiran, a small scale cottage industry entrepreneur, gave practical trainings on making burfis and sweat fried balls using organic millets and nuts.

As per the current market situation farmers were offered with the following value added training.

  1. Peanut burfi
  2. Sesame sweet ball
  3. Bengal gram sweet ball
  4. Puffed rice fried sweet ball

Based on the interaction with participants he shared lots of sweet making recipes orally. 

Ms. Janaki, project coordinator, organized this programme.  It was headed by Krishnarayapuram Gramiya Uraugal FPO’s CEO Mr. Chandrasekar and the whole programme was facilitated by AREDS staff and Health team members.